Process Safety Management Scope of Work
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OSHA developed the Process Safety Management (PSM) standard under 29 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1910 for facilities having listed hazardous chemicals above certain threshold quantities. PSM establishes procedures for the identification, evaluation and prevention of highly hazardous chemical releases. Such releases could occur as a result of failures in workplace processes, procedures, or equipment.
AARC tailors its PSM standards to meet the individual needs of the client in these steps:
1. Determine the applicability of the PSM standard.
2. Develop a Process Safety Management Manual using:
  • Employee Participation - Develop a written plan of action regarding the implementation of the employee participation
  • Process Safety Information Work with the client in the compilation of the written process safety information required for each process hazard analysis
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Develop a written plan of action to ensure that each PHA is appropriate to the complexity of the process and meets the standard's criteria
  • Operating Procedures Review existing operating procedures. Work with the client to establish a standard method of developing, implementing, and maintaining written operating procedures
  • Training following a review of existing training programs, AARC works with the client in the development of a training program to ensure that all employees involved in operating a process have the necessary skills, knowledge, and ability to safely do their jobs
  • Contractors Develop a written contractor safety program for any contractor's work that could influence process safety
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review Work with the client to develop a written systematic checklist of actions that must be completed prior to the startup of any new or modified process
  • Mechanical Integrity Work with the client to develop a management system whose goal is to sustain the long-term reliability of the process equipment
  • Hot Work Permit Work with the client to develop a written hot work permit program
  • Management Of Change Work with the client in the development of a management of change policy and procedure whose goal is to provide detailed instructions for managing process changes so as not to degrade the original operability and safety that was built into the process
  • Incident Investigation Work with the client to develop a written program that will ensure that investigations of process incidents are in accordance
  • Emergency Planning And Response Work with the client in the development of and implementation of an emergency action plan for the entire plant
  • Compliance Audits Work with the client to develop a self-auditing process designed to discover and resolve deficiencies in the process that could prevent the success of the PSM program and to ensure continuous compliance with the standard
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