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Containing costs is serious business in today’s competitive environment. One of the best ways to keep your money where you want it is through safety planning. A study done by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, reveals that the average lost-time injury claim costs $18,200. Many reach as high as $44,000 per incident.

With increasing workers' compensation rates, OSHA fines and health insurance premiums, not to mention the potential criminal liabilities - employers and managers must face these issues head on. The only answer is to reduce accidents. This is a goal that can be reached by any company that implements an effective safety program. Time and time again safety programs have provided great dividends for those that participate.

Does Regular Safety Training Really Work?
A survey conducted by the National Safety Council revealed that a regular safety training program improves attitudes, increases safety awareness and reduces accidents. The most interesting finding is that more frequent the training the greater the probability of results.
AARC's safety training is versatile, effective and inexpensive for companies with limited budgets. The program offers safety initiatives while complementing and enhancing in-house safety training.
The staff at AARC facilitates safety training with interactive presentations that address specific concerns tailored to each job site.
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