Phase I
AARC's Phase 1 Site Assessment program focuses on detecting potential and existing sources of hazardous materials contamination on industrial and commercial sites in addition to residential property.
Our site assessment research will quickly determine whether or not a property is free of hazardous materials liability. Following the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard practices, AARC helps to ensure that your construction or acquisition project proceeds on schedule, serves to reduce your liability and complete necessary due diligence requirements as defined under CERCLA's innocent purchaser defense.
Our Site Assessment includes each of the following procedures:
  • Detailed Field Reconnaissance
  • Historic Aerial Photograph Analysis and Interviews
  • Research of Archived Records
  • Soils, Geologic, and Hydrologic Data and Map Reviews
  • Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Natural Hazards Disclosures
  • Human Health Hazard Evaluations
Phase II
Phase II projects generally consist of collecting shallow soil and/or groundwater samples which are screened for contaminants in order to determine if there is a severe environmental problem at a property. AARC has put together a scope of work which will minimize your costs but still provide enough data to make a realistic evaluation of the property and the transaction.

AARC determines environmental characterization through the use of soil and groundwater testing plus a thorough review of the historical use of the property. Using this approach enables us to design a program based on the most probable site conditions while identifying all reasonable deviations from those conditions and prepare contingency plans to deal with them.
Our project sites range from those that require limited soil and ground water sampling to large-scale projects involving extensive analysis of multimedia waste streams.
As part of the phased approach, we use both conventional and innovative investigative technologies. These technologies include:
  • Rota sonic drilling technologies
  • Conventional hollow stem auger drilling methods
  • Geoprobe soil vapor, soil and ground water sampling
  • Computer modeling of ground water flow
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
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