Vulnerability Studies
AARC has developed the following strategy to determine water system security needs:

  • Assess geographic area and customer base to establish preparedness measures
  • Review the utility infrastructure, processes, and operations
  • Inventory and audit existing physical security systems
  • Assess cyber vulnerability and protection
  • Recommend employee training and background check procedures
  • Develop recommended security improvements by applying and refining the AwwaRF/Sandia models for public water systems
  • Update Emergency Response Plans, incorporating an Incident Command System for managing emergencies that require interagency coordination, and other specific measures to address the threat of contamination and sabotage
AARC brings a thorough knowledge of water system operations and design, from dam protection and treatment process understanding, to distribution system modeling.

Our team has:

  • Prepared hundreds of Incident and Emergency Response Plans
  • Worked at several sensitive military installations, NASA Johnson Space Center, and Los Alamos Laboratory
  • Assisted various cities with regularity issues such as Storm Water Permits, SPCC Plans, Risk Management Plans, MS4 Permits, and Vulnerability Assessments

AARC will:
  • Conduct mandated Vulnerability Assessment
  • Certify and submit copy of VA to EPA
  • Prepare or revise Emergency Response Plan, incorporating results of Vulnerability Assessment
  • Certify to EPA that ERP has been completed
  • Assist in implementation of selected upgrades or solutions to meet or exceed standards
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